Embark on a new era of growth

$31,500,000+ closed in ARR

Glider jumpstarts sales for B2B SaaS companies (Seed & Series A, 0-$5M ARR)

“Since partnering with Jonathan seven months ago, our revenue has nearly 2x’ed thanks to his invaluable contributions.

He’s played a pivotal role in helping us secure an institutionally-led round of funding from a top-tier VC and was instrumental in helping us hire a Head of Sales, while also expediting our product roadmap.

His support saves me 10-15 hours per week.”

Eric Helizter
CEO of SubBase (SaaS, construction/property tech)

Our mission is twofold:

1 . Empower your organization to close more deals
2. Build, maintain, and monitor new relationship and lead generation
Infrastructure to secure more opportunities

With Glider:

✅ Gather insights, refine PMF and ICP, and establish processes before hiring Sales Managers and AEs

✅ Reduce the time-suck of prolonged hiring processes (3-6-9 months) and the risk of a costly bad hire (add’l 1-2 years of setback), while increasing the probability of their success by 80%

✅ Generate more leads -> gain valuable feedback -> expedite ‘time-to-close’

✅ Access growth experts who have been apart of organizations that have collectively raised over half a billion dollars

✅ Domain-specific expertise tailored to your industry and deal sizes

✅ Enjoy fixed monthly rates and flexible month-to-month arrangements without growth penalties

✅ Quick onboarding process; avoid HR paperwork

✅ Free up your time for non-sales priorities; avoid losing momentum on other initiatives

*Limited Client Spaces Available

Our Team Has Helped Scale Tech Giants and has and has secured deals with Fortune 100 companies

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*Limited Client Spaces Available